Fantom Validator id 15 Zero downtime since mainnet

Dear delegators, We decided to take offline our validator id 15 later in the evening today. Please re-delegate to other validators. We will still support Fantom Network but not as a direct validator.
We will be providing DevOps services and Validator As A Service to Validators that decide to work with us.
Our Story

In crypto since 2015. More then 4 years exp. in creating architecture for blockchain infrastructure for banking sector.

Our Vision

Balance - to completely align our interests with those of our delegators, we will greatly self delegate our own funds through the service.


We provide a secure and highly available validator infrastructure for Fantom Network


How it works

Fantom Staking

Proof of Stake is replacing Proof of Work - Similar to the Cosmos model, Fantom holders will be able delegate their tokens to validating nodes, regardless of the number of FTM held. As a Validator we will not be able to spend your tokens, and they will remain secured in your own address.


Fantom believes that validators will compete with each other on performance. Higher performing nodes, with more reliable uptimes, will earn higher returns. Delegators will be incentivised to choose nodes that are more reliable and higher performing than their peers. Read more...


Our Fantom Validator

up and running

FTM Explorer

Talk to us

If you have any questions about delegating or our validator, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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