Fantom Mainnet Staking

You can now start delegating and earning rewards on FTM network.
Our Validator id is 15 - 0xe06b7c6a68a533134046131cebe07b1e2543074b
We are verified by - more details here
Fantom uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm to validate transactions and secure the network.
You can participate by staking your FTM. In exchange, you are rewarded with FTM tokens.
To stake, you don’t need any particular hardware or device. You can do it directly from your phone or PC.
Staking is easy:
1. Download the iOS/Android mobile app or access the web/desktop wallet
2. Using the bridge, transfer your FTM from an exchange or non-custodial ERC20 wallet to your newly created Opera address.
3. Choose our validator id 15 and click on stake.
That’s it! Check out the staking step-by-step guide.
Our Validator id is 15 - Address: 0xe06b7c6a68a533134046131cebe07b1e2543074b
Talk to us

If you have any questions about delegating or our validator, please do not hesitate to contact us.